Brief History of dialect:

The Holy Names in ancient times were spoken in ANCIENT HEBREW (without vowels), as Ancient Hebrew alphabet has vowel-consonants (without vowel pointing the consonant sound is a vowel sound)

CLASSICAL HEBREW has vowels and is spoken and taught in TODAY’S TIMES, thus THE HOLY NAMES have been LOST IN TRANSLATION. The Old Testament was written in ANCIENT HEBREW and the New Testament was translated in Greek and Aramaic. Aramaicwas later dialect of Ancient Hebrew.

The Greek alphabet has not all the “sounds” as the Ancient Hebrew and a TRANSLATION OF THE HOLY NAMES were put in script and thus then TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH AND OTHER LANGUAGES. THE KEY FACT THE HOLY NAMES WERE TRANSLATED which should NEVER have occurred.

THE FACTS ARE TO GO BACK IN TEXT AND LANGUAGE TO THE “ROOT” “beginning” of Language from the LATEST EVIDENCE of script for our Eloheim and Messiah’s recorded script.

Also, scriptural evidence.

Should NEW EVIDENCE be revealed at a future date, please inform the writer so this evidence will be posted to ALL, in order for TRUTH in our Father and Messiah to remain with us as well as help others gain knowledge and understanding to what is right and wrong.

“Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and it will be given”

“Love Eloheim with all your heart”

“Love your neighbour”

REFER ANCIENT HEBREW CHART AND FIELD “SOUND” Google Yehweh.com or Yehweh not Yahweh written by Jane Lythgoe with Chart and Ancient Hebrew Chart by Jeff Benner.

The EVIDENCE why the HOLY NAMES ARE TO BE SOUNDED in the manner reflected below. Should new evidence of a truth of a particular consonant be sounded in a certain vocal manner which overrules a teacher’s findings reflected on this web, changes will be reflected, as all are entitled to THE TRUTH, IN ORDER FOR ALL TO LEARN AND MAKE ONE’S OWN CHOICES, AND TO PRAY, BE BAPTIZED IN THE TRUE HOLY SOUNDED NAMES:


IEUE (YHWH) = Sound…. (ee….eh….Oo....eh)

IEUESHUO (YEHUESHUA) = Sound.... (ee….eh....Oo….eh….sh….Oo....oh)

Classical Hebrew Text refers to “JOSHUA SON OF NUN” Sound (ee….eh....Oo....sh....Oo....oh), which has 6 letters.

Evidence from scripture gives evidence that the 7 letters are the correct as IEUE sent His Son IN HIS NAME TO SAVE…(option given for 6 letters minimum as in “Joshua son of Nun”:

IEUE…..and….SAVE…….is the full Name IEUESHUO

As well as Scripture tell us that The Messiah was given a NAME NOT GIVEN TO ANY MAN. (as per Zach 6) and other scriptures refers.

The web site by Jane E Lithgoe confirms all these scriptures.(Yehweh not Yahweh – Google)

The web www.ancient.eu.com/article/17 - which in the Phoenician states that the Hebrew People CHANGED THE “OH” (as in the end of the Messhiah’s Name) TO SOUND “A”, due to dialect thus should remain “oh” and the classical Hebrew reflect a “y” for aiyen meaning silent, thus they say “aa”. BUT IT WAS NOT A SILENT LETTER! It should be an “oh” AND reflect as an “o”.

Confirmation on Jane E Lithgroe web that Jeff Benner included the “LAST” FIELD of the ancient alphabet (shown as a “rope” and pronounced “gh”). The first “gh/ng” is in the field of the “Y” aiyen for classical Hebrew – an EYE PICTURE IN ANCIENT.(Refer 1 Pet 3:21 and Psalms 34:15) “The Eye of our Father is over the Righteous”. My question was that the “gh” is REFELECTED IN TWO ALPHABET FIELDS, which she confirmed the last was probably from Egyptian dialect. Refer her web. An “option of gh/ng is also given and in classical it is “silent”….ANCIENT WAS NOT SILENT IN ANY LETTER and didn’t need vowels. (Thus scriptures evidence should be an “oh” sound).

THE “Y” = “i/ee” sound as in ISHARAAL (ee..sha..ra..al) (“I Named the City in My Name”) – THUS referred In the scriptures as “AL”“AL/EL – IEUE” Matt 1:22,23 Immanuel -“El with us” (Title) for the Messiah. Refer Matt1:25 “And He called His Name IEUSHUO “As in the Classical Hebrew Text”, but as per evidence should be 7 letters IEUESHUO – IEUE –SAVES. The classical also drop the “gh” as in Gamorrah to Ammorah (and we note all the “a” sounds they changed from the “oh” sound). (Refer to the Name Isharaal in Jane E. Lithgoe web for clarification). Jeff Benner gives two options y/ee.

HOLY SPIRIT = Sound (Ruach Quadosh) (means “Spirit” “Holy” as they swop words around in classical Hebrew)


In the Name of IEUE and IEUESHUO through Ruach Quadosh (the Holy Spirit) WE ASK:

Mathew 6:9-13 (NIV Bible):

“After this manner therefore pray ye:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil: For THINE is the Kingdom, and the Power, and
The Glory, for ever, Amein.